IMVCA Membership

Due by June 30, 2023

We now offer a DIGITAL PAYMENT option for individual annual memberships! See below for more information.

A Membership Application is required for each individual or organizational applicant. All membership dues can be paid with a mailed check. For individual memberships, on-line payment via credit card is also an option.

Please complete form at this link: IMVCA Membership Form

(link will open in new page and contains information on how to submit payment)

Regular Member Dues

$25: Individual Annual Membership

$30+: Sustaining Membership

Voting Member Dues

$25: district annual budget less than $30,000

$50: district annual budget $30,000 to $200,000

$150: district annual budget $201,000 to $1,000,000

$200: district annual budget more than $1,000,000

Questions? Please send us an email

We are currently working on developing on-line payment options for Sustaining and Voting Member Dues – stay tuned!