Student / Intern Competition


Is Pleased to Announce the

The Henry M. Lawicki Student/Intern Competition is a regular part of the ANNUAL MEETING of the Illinois Mosquito and Vector Control Association (IMVCA) held in November each year. In past years, up to $500 in cash prizes have been awarded to winners.

Criteria: The competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in public or private schools and to interns of Local Health Departments or Mosquito Abatement Districts. The topic can address any area of mosquito, tick, or other vector biology, ecology, and relationships to disease or control.

In 2019, the Illinois Mosquito and Vector Control Association (IMVCA) is hosting the Henry Lawicki student talk competition, as in past years, but has also added a poster competition for the 65th Annual Meeting in Bloomington. The presentations and posters will be on November 21. There will be cash awards and framed mosquito artwork for winning participants in the talk and poster competitions. We are asking students to NOT enter both competitions this year, as we have limited space for posters. Registration is waived for presenters of talks and posters. Please have them respond to the contacts below by October 15th.

Oral presentations: On the morning of the annual meeting, entrants present a ten-minute talk about their topic and answer a few questions.

New in 2019! We will also have a student poster competition with cash prizes! Posters must be printed such that they can be hung on an air wall by magnets.

After presenting, students are welcome to stay for the meetings and other activities including the meals. This gives students ample opportunity to network with and learn from parties interested in mosquito and vector control.


1) Please fill out and submit this year’s REGISTRATION FORM and check the box that indicates you will be participating in the competition. Registration for the Student Competition is free, but we want to make sure that you still complete and submit the form for our records.

2) Please visit the Call for Presentations page and submit your entry in the Student talk or poster competitions.

3) If you have any questions, know of other possible entrants, or want clarification on the registration process, please contact Sharon Verzal

4) If you have students that are interested in or need additional details regarding the talks, please have them contact Jack Swanson

5) If you have students that are interested in or need additional details regarding the posters, please have them contact Holly Tuten.